Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Causes of Our Misery

1.  Rasulullah s.a.w. personally set for all a practical example and made others act accordingly.  Through the life of  Rasulullah  s.a.w. and in sahabah's character this is clearly seen. The trials and tribulations we face today are purely as a result of our own doings. It is the  cause of our illness and it's remedy is supplied by The Messenger of Allah swt.; the truthful, trustworthy and expert specialist physician, whose diagnosis and medicine is neither faulty nor never proven to be incorrect. It is not the work of doctors to avoid the causes of illness or to treat the illness. If any patient do not pay attention to the given instruction; it is his own fault.

2. " Hasten towards the doing of virtuous deeds and do so prior to to that time when such evils  shall appears which shall be as the dark portion of the night.(Distinction between good and evil is difficult indeed) At such a time, a man will wake up in the morning as a believer and at night he will be non-believer. At such a time he will rise in the morning as a non-believer and as a believer at night. He will sell his faith for a meagre amount of worldly goods."  It is also stated,
"Repent to Allah before the coming of death. Perform good deeds before becoming pre-occupied with duties. Remember Allah Most Glorified excessively, give charity secretly and or openly as it strengthen your bond with Allah swt. Through these you shall  receive rizq (sustenance) and your loses will be made  good."    (Attarghib)  

3.  "Through charity wealth does not decrease and who ever pardons unjust oppressor Allah swt shall increase in honour. Hence forgive  the oppressors and Allah will honour you. Whoever open doors of  begging for him is opened  the door of poverty."        

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