Sunday, 9 October 2011

Believes in 'Amal

  1.  Those  of the heaven shall not show mercy to the one who shows no mercy to the dwellers on  earth.

  2.  Beware of curses of the persecuted for  nothing stand between such prayers and its acceptance. The    curse of the persecuted one is accepted even from an evil-doer or a non believer. We believe that now a days prayers of those being treated unjustly by us are increasing and inmates of heaven are showing no mercy. So much thunder, lightning and storm directed against us!

  3.  This is about pictures and dogs. This has been reported in many authentic Ahadith that, the angel of mercy  will not visit houses which keeps dogs and pictures. Once Abu Wa'il r.a. have a journey with hadrat Omar r.a. They stop to rest at a place. The leader of that locality came forward to invite Sayidina Omar to his house for a meal. Hadrat Omar asked him if there is any picture in his house. When he answered yes, Hadrat Omar  refuse to go and asked him to bring the food to his camp. The leader then had some food sent to Sayyidina Omar r.a. and he ate it.

 4.  Now adays, we have closed  doors of mercy upon ourselves by hanging pictures and at the same time adopted all actions which are surely causes of Allah swt's wrath.  No wonder our troubles and problems are increasing and worsen. Our pious ancestors and elders would not even enter such house of unbelievers which wherein there were pictures.

5.  Our  pious ancestors and elders would not enter homes of the non-believers wherein there were pictures. Muslims today have adopted an unlawful things which we seek to adorn and beautify our houses.  We are increasingly disregard teachings of Islam. Stated in a hadith, "When the sun rises two angels stand near the rising sun and call out; "O peoples, turn to your Lord.  The little you possess which is sufficient for your need is better for you than the  greater wealth may engaged you in vain things." When the sun set two angels stand at the setting sun and pray,
"O Allah give good rewards to him who spent in the right path, and destroy the wealth of who withhold himself from spending righteously."

6.  " Man speaks about  My wealth, my wealth.' In facts what is really his is the food which he had eaten, clothes that he had worn and  that which by spending in the path of Allah he had gathered for himself as a treasure.  Everything else belongs to others." (At taghrib) Sayyidina Ali r.a. said,
"Whatever wealth you gather which is excess of your needs belong to others for whom you are merely the treasurer."


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