Saturday, 5 November 2011

The Causes of Our Misery

1.  Rasulullah s.a.w. personally set for all a practical example and made others act accordingly.  Through the life of  Rasulullah  s.a.w. and in sahabah's character this is clearly seen. The trials and tribulations we face today are purely as a result of our own doings. It is the  cause of our illness and it's remedy is supplied by The Messenger of Allah swt.; the truthful, trustworthy and expert specialist physician, whose diagnosis and medicine is neither faulty nor never proven to be incorrect. It is not the work of doctors to avoid the causes of illness or to treat the illness. If any patient do not pay attention to the given instruction; it is his own fault.

2. " Hasten towards the doing of virtuous deeds and do so prior to to that time when such evils  shall appears which shall be as the dark portion of the night.(Distinction between good and evil is difficult indeed) At such a time, a man will wake up in the morning as a believer and at night he will be non-believer. At such a time he will rise in the morning as a non-believer and as a believer at night. He will sell his faith for a meagre amount of worldly goods."  It is also stated,
"Repent to Allah before the coming of death. Perform good deeds before becoming pre-occupied with duties. Remember Allah Most Glorified excessively, give charity secretly and or openly as it strengthen your bond with Allah swt. Through these you shall  receive rizq (sustenance) and your loses will be made  good."    (Attarghib)  

3.  "Through charity wealth does not decrease and who ever pardons unjust oppressor Allah swt shall increase in honour. Hence forgive  the oppressors and Allah will honour you. Whoever open doors of  begging for him is opened  the door of poverty."        

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Believes in 'Amal

  1.  Those  of the heaven shall not show mercy to the one who shows no mercy to the dwellers on  earth.

  2.  Beware of curses of the persecuted for  nothing stand between such prayers and its acceptance. The    curse of the persecuted one is accepted even from an evil-doer or a non believer. We believe that now a days prayers of those being treated unjustly by us are increasing and inmates of heaven are showing no mercy. So much thunder, lightning and storm directed against us!

  3.  This is about pictures and dogs. This has been reported in many authentic Ahadith that, the angel of mercy  will not visit houses which keeps dogs and pictures. Once Abu Wa'il r.a. have a journey with hadrat Omar r.a. They stop to rest at a place. The leader of that locality came forward to invite Sayidina Omar to his house for a meal. Hadrat Omar asked him if there is any picture in his house. When he answered yes, Hadrat Omar  refuse to go and asked him to bring the food to his camp. The leader then had some food sent to Sayyidina Omar r.a. and he ate it.

 4.  Now adays, we have closed  doors of mercy upon ourselves by hanging pictures and at the same time adopted all actions which are surely causes of Allah swt's wrath.  No wonder our troubles and problems are increasing and worsen. Our pious ancestors and elders would not even enter such house of unbelievers which wherein there were pictures.

5.  Our  pious ancestors and elders would not enter homes of the non-believers wherein there were pictures. Muslims today have adopted an unlawful things which we seek to adorn and beautify our houses.  We are increasingly disregard teachings of Islam. Stated in a hadith, "When the sun rises two angels stand near the rising sun and call out; "O peoples, turn to your Lord.  The little you possess which is sufficient for your need is better for you than the  greater wealth may engaged you in vain things." When the sun set two angels stand at the setting sun and pray,
"O Allah give good rewards to him who spent in the right path, and destroy the wealth of who withhold himself from spending righteously."

6.  " Man speaks about  My wealth, my wealth.' In facts what is really his is the food which he had eaten, clothes that he had worn and  that which by spending in the path of Allah he had gathered for himself as a treasure.  Everything else belongs to others." (At taghrib) Sayyidina Ali r.a. said,
"Whatever wealth you gather which is excess of your needs belong to others for whom you are merely the treasurer."


Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Prosperity In Relation With Next of Kin

1.  Rasulullah s.a.w reminded:
     "From this ummah, they will eat, drink and amuse themselves at night and in the morning transform to apes         and swine and earth caved in over them. People will say; " A family was buried alive and such house was caved in."
"Stone rains from the sky as happened to people of Luth and other people destroyed by tornados. Why this happen? It is due to drinking of wine, wearing silk, keeping singing girls and refrain from next of kin." (Hakim, Durre Manthur)

2.  The righteous deed which is fast-rewarded is treating next of kin nicely, even though some families act   sinfully  but their wealth increase and abundance offspring;  sins which bring quick punishment is unjust oppression and giving false evidence. It devours possessions, causes sterile in women and decreasing in population (too much death occured). (Durre Manthur)

3.  The Holly Prophet s.a.w  remind: " Remain chaste and clean and your women become chaste and clean.  Treat your parents nicely and then  your children will treat you kindly."

4.  Once  The Holly Prophet s.a.w. reminded: "By Him whose hand my life lies, you should continue to exhort others towards goodness and prohibit them from evil, otherwise Allah s.w.t will send upon you calamities and punishment that you pray but He will not answer you."

5.  The Holly Prophet s.a.w warned:
      "Through unjust deeds of a few people, Allah s.w.t does not cause widespread calamities to descend upon all until when those deeds done in their presence and they can stop it but refrained. Then punishment descends upon all people."

6.  Allah s.w.t revealed:
     " Thus is the grasp of Allah when He grasps a village they do  wrong, indeed  His grasps is painful and strong." (Al-Quran 11:102)

7.  This is the reason of  calamities to befalls; earthquakes, storms, droughts, famines and  crashes etc.
      It occurs everyday without limit and ending. We heard of new diseases and calamities which are unheard before. More over the duty off calling others towards good deeds and prevent evils become completely forsaken;  it is too much to hope that our prayers will be answered. What is the use of special prayers when we involve in action that caused prayers not being answered?

8.  Save the  world by obeying commandment of Allah s.w.t and leads the life of The Holly Prophet s.a.w.

9.  Rasulullah s.a.w reminded that this ummat will stay good and prosper as long as no great incidence of
     illegitimate children among them. When illegitimate children widespread;  Allah s.w.t will cause a great calamity of punishment upon them. (Attaghrib)
The people among whom taking of interest and indulgence in adultery appears openly have indeed invite Allah's wrath and anger upon themselves.

10.  Apart from secret and hidden adultery and fornication, is there any town or state where openly, boldly
       flagrantly and shamelessly adultery and illegitimate children do not abound? Even muslim authorities are forced to provide these fatherless kid and unmarried mums!

11.  Abu Darda r.a. reports that Rasulullah s.a.w said:
       "Allah s.w.t says: I am Allah beside whom there is no Diety, Master of kings,King of kings. Verily the hearts of king under My Hands. When My servant obey Me, I turn the heart of king and rulers towards them. They rules with mercy and kindness. If they disobey Me, I turn the heart of kings and rulers against them, treat them harshly, anger and vengeance thereby they mete out torture and oppression. Do not pray for curses upon kings but turn to Me in remembrance and humility. I will preserve you against tyranny of kings."

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

The Curtain Which Produce Food and Drinks

There were two men whom are friends since childhood. One of them lived in an isolated village while another friend had bought a new house and settle down in the city.

One day a friend from the village came to town to visit his old friend.
 After greeting and invited into the house, they hugged each other, cheerful and happy. Haven't meet for along time! Then they both sit down and start chatting. The room they were sited  was separated from kitchen in the house by  curtain. They began to talk from one topic to another in harmonious atmosphere.

After some time from under the curtain came out cups and a pot  cool drinks. After that again come out from under the curtains a few plates of food and halwa(sweets). They continue eating, drinking and talking.
Friends from the village wondered, "what's a  good curtains. It can produce food and beverages for  guests. I am going to buy one and call my friend to show off." 

After asking his friend, he went to textile store and bought a curtain as seen  from his  friend's house. He went home, fix the curtain and called his friend;

"O my friends, come to my house, I have a surprise for you."

 After hours of waiting, neither food nor drinks came out from under the curtain! 
So he  went back to his friend's house to ask him why. He said;

"I bought curtain of the same colour, from the same shop but it is not functioning!  It do not produce any food or drink." He cried.

His friend then told him the secret truth that it is his wife behind the curtain who prepared and served them food!

We realise  the knife which cut  but forget the hand which hold that knife.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

While People are Suffering

1.  Allah's Messenger has stated: 
"My followers will be thrown into the difficulties and suffering  when they  involved in any fifteen wrong deeds;

~ The spoils belong to their own 
~ Reserve taken as spoils of trust 
~ Zakat is considered as tax 
~ Compliant to the wife, but fallen to mother 
~ Good to friends, but disobedience and violent to father 
~ There is the hustle and bustle in the mosques 
~ People who do wrong, low, despicable, weak, become a person responsible for
     his   community 
~ A person respected because to be safe from his evil 
~ Drinking alcohol 
~ Men wearing  silk 
~ Take a female singer 
~ Music is used extensively 
~ People who lived during this times condemned the early people (sahabahs 
    and  salafussoleh)

Then wait for disaster in the form of red dust storm, sunk into the earth, earthquake, change of the appearance and hail from the sky ". 

2.  Another hadith states; 
"When the treasury made as private property, the trust funds is considered property confiscation,  zakat as taxation, religious knowledge is achieved for the purpose of getting wealth  and fame, and spread down to the wife but  rebellious attitude in the mother, close to friends and  avoid the father become common, raising voices and noise in the mosques,  evil leaders, weak people in power, a person respected for fear of their evil, female singers and music are everywhere, drinking liquor, people now-living underestimated whom the early days, then wait for the red dust storm, sunk into the earth, the incarnation and hail from the sky."

Have a look around us. The whole world are busy with such wrong deeds and facing hard situation. Didn't Allah's  messenger warn us?

3.  Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas said:

"When treachery everywhere in a society Allah swt will make a fear to the enemy in his heart.and when there are rampant adultery, there will be excess deaths in the society.
Any business society that does not weigh and measure properly their  provision will be reduced, if deviated from justice, will bear murders  and the destruction of life and, if a community break their promises; Allah swt will send enemies that will over powered them." (Mishkat)

4.  Hazrat Ibn Umar ra said, the messenger has attracted special attention and firmly said: 
"O muhajirin,  there are five things, if you are involved in it,  plague will befall you. A society in which there are widespread adultery will be exposed to new diseases that have never heard and known before, a society in which traders are not properly weighing and measuring will suffer from incarnation  (less food), hardship and cruelty of the king and those who do not pay zakat will receive no rain. It rains only for animals. People who break the covenant with Allah swt and the messenger and  not fairly judging will involved in-clan war." (At-taghrib)

5.  Hazrat Ka'ab said:
"These peoples (ummah) are ruined because transgressing  commandments of Allah swt."                 (Durri- Manthur)

Now let us think of who actually bring peace, harmony, prosperity and happiness to the world?

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Birds Eye.

There is a hadith which states: the Prophet said,
"At the end of the age of these ummah, there will be Khasf (sinking into the earth, life and home) there will be Maskh (transformation or change in appearance to dogs and monkeys), and there will be Qadhf (hail from the sky)."

Sahabi ask;
"O Messenger of Allah, may we perish when there is a pious men among us?"
He said;
"Yes, when the vice exceed benefits" (Ishaah from Tirmizi etc.).

Disaster appears to descend while it is the righteous if sin reigns. It has been pointed in many traditions a number of ways to invite everyone to do good deeds and forbid the doing of evil, if none worked on the Almighty Allah would send down upon you a few disasters. In another hadith says that;  prayers and a requests was then ignored. In another hadith says that when illegal practices prevailing in a society and they could prevent but not prevent it  Allah swt will charge a disaster before they died.

Another  tradition  again quoted;   Allah swt rule the angel Jibrael to destroy a place. The angel praying and said, " There are the righteous and obedient". He said,
" But he is not depressed or angry about the disobedience of man in Me. This is the least expected from one off  miss deeds. (Mishkat)

There are many hadiths which asserts that at least one shall feel sad when sees  wrong deeds if not able to prevent it. If that is not done the punishment will befall ! 

Now let us evaluate our situation with the above guidelines. We committed sin every time and place. According to  the hadith above, should we receive greater punishment. We committed sin then we did not grieve for sins made ​by other muslims . If not the grace of Allah swt and Allah's Messenger prayer, we would have destroyed. Our relationship with Rasulullah , though very weak have saved us. We consider sin as pride, and apostacy as true path to success. ( O Allah forgives us)

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Do Muslims are Pressed, Dominated and Ravaged?

Is it true that Muslims are facing many problems and difficulties, shrouded in a variety of afflictions befalls a society?
Islam is a religion that has been declared completely furnished. Has the perfect favors and blessings. 

"Today I perfected religion for you, completed My favor to you and  pleased, Islam became a way of life." (Qur'an 5:6) 

Unfortunately, the perfect followers of a religion that is still confused and confounded what should be done. This religion is complete and none of the little things like even the great things of the world or the hereafter is not explained clearly, including gains and losses by Almighty Allah swt  and the Messenger pbuh.

Predecessors have been proven, good conclusion in the world and the hereafter is to follow the Prophet. More honest we are more successful! Very sad that the Muslims now have unashamedly eliminate the practice of the Sunnah. People who practice it is considered orthodox, ignorant and backward. This is a great injustice and frightening! 

As it is why the Muslims dare to complain of suffering and hardship suffered, wept and cried out to the disaster. Persian poet said, 
"There is no way out of our actions because these diseases are the result of the life of our bad practices" 

It is clear that, 
"What misfortune befalls you, it is caused by your own hands and Allah swt forgive most of it. And you can not escape on the earth, and you have no other helper and protector but Allah swt."            (Al Quran 42:30-31))
Hazrat Ali said that the Prophet told;
"I explain to you the purpose in applying the above verse. O Ali, what comes to you in the form of disease, natural disasters and global chaos is a result of the deeds which our hands have done."

Hadrat Hassan r.a. said, the prophet said;
"By the gods in His hand lies my life; scribe of wood, the movement of any vessel,  tripping feet or hitted by rocks from any direction or anything else that occurs is due to a number of sins." 

Who is Faulty?

Hadrat Abu Musa r.a. narrated that the Prophet said;
"Anyone get injured or lighter than this was due to some act of disobedience of it."
Hazrat Imran bin Husayn reported getting sick. People come visited him and grieve for her illness. He said;
"What are you grieving for? This is due to a number of sins."

Hazrat Dahhak said;
"A person who learns the Qur'an and then he forgot was due to some sin then he  recite verses from the Quran that says:
"What misfortune befalls you, it is caused by your own hands and God forgive most of it. And you can not escape on the earth, and you have no other helper and protector but Allah swt." 
adding that no disaster is severe than forgetting verses of Al Quran .

However this does not mean that all sufferings are because of sins. There are other reasons as well. Sometimes difficulties are due to other reasons but for reasons that this special messenger  and innocent children are also affected.
This is a common form of regulation that disaster and suffering is due to not submited to Allah swt. This is a strong reason usually even  whom do not commited  sin are not escape from the consequences.

I would like to remind myself and all brothers of Islam that by committing sins we have to face hardships and calamities in this worldly life. Let's ask forgiveness from Thee God, let's save the world.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Islamic Conference at Tehran

TEHRAN – About 500 Muslim scholars from 80 countries have been invited to attend the upcoming international conference on Islamic awakening, the secretary of the conference has announced.

Ali Akbar Velayati, who is also the Supreme Leader’s top advisor, made the announcement at a press conference which was held in IRIB conference hall on Sunday.

He said that the conference, which is the first of its kind, is scheduled to be held on September 17 and 18 in Tehran.    

“We decided to invite scholars who had never held any government post and worked only in the field of ideas,” he stated.
Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta
Jihad Cornered while Intolerance Rising  
After emerging as a pivotal point for the global jihadist movement in Southeast Asia in 2002 twin nightclub bombings When The killed and maimed hundreds in Bali, Indonesia can justly an impressive anti-terror time.
Hundreds were arrested and dozens of plots have been foiled. The radical cleric Abu Bakar Bashir has been one-note long prison sentence handed while almost all other terrorist leader was either killed or arrested beens.
A tiny minority remains inspired by al-Qaeda poses a threat and permanent year, the campaign aims to spread the ideology of the offensive jihad against the Western infidels and their lackeys to achieve year-Islamic caliphate comprehensively rejected.
Islam''HAS so much contributed to the democratization of Indonesia. This is emphasized,''says Ulil, founder of the Liberal Islam Network and himself a target of Indonesian terrorists.
Most Muslims here''Understand that religion is a system of morality, an ethical system, and this is not the policy of the essential teachings of the religion.
''The popularity of this proposal on the adoption of sharia in our country, has atrophied, it is fading.''
Indonesia's Islamic party were rejected in the 2009 elections and their political Islamist strongest force, the Prosperous Justice Party Formal Recently pluralism as a central platform Principles in STIs ADOPTED.
Indonesian authorities remain vigilant during target terrorists, they seem unable, or, worse still, unwilling to another address, probably more harmful form of religious radicalism.
These mobs instead of explosive was used by militants Will machetes, stones or petrol, to attack and destroy Perceived deviants prayer houses.
The increase in violence was particularly against members of the Ahmadiyya Islamic sect, whose followers believe the Indian religious figure, a Messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, the Prophet Muhammad Followed Pronounced.
In the western province of Banten Javanese frenzied mob attacked a house and killed three years Ahmadiyah men in February. The 12 defendants, including a teenager on film bludgeoning to death a man caught with a rock, got sentences of between three and six months.
The light sentences, some argue, Reflected local factors. The ruling was handed over to judges in a district court in a traditional Indonesian hard-line Islamic heartlands. Around 2,000 local people expressed their support for the accused and intimidated the judges and prosecutors throughout the trial.
The argument that the target box is an anomaly, it is difficult to increase the municipal Square violence, attacks by Islamic fundamentalists invariably are Ahmadis and Christians.
Recent research by the Pew Research Center found Indonesia was one of two countries with previously recorded significant increases in both religious restrictions and disruption of social struggles in the past five years.
Even more serious, with the idea that Indonesia is tolerant abidingly the lukewarm response from Indonesia's political elites to the rise of violence and religion, especially the protection of court proceedings and attacks in Banten Remains Reconcile.
President Yudhoyono has failed to condemn the verdicts, citing the need for respect for the rule of law.
If the Islamists do not do justice to any political burglaries and Indonesian Muslims are mostly moderate, why Indonesia's political class refuses to speak loudly and clearly for the country's secular constitution to recognize that the freedom of religion? Could it YOU have a political attacks on minorities, the calculation is made popular?
Because''It is very conservative, are clever in setting the debate in black and white,''Argues to form Yenny Wahid, the daughter of Indonesia's president and a moderate Islamic cleric Abdurrahman Wahid and a rare, uncompromising voice for tolerance.
''For example, if you condemn attacks on Ahmadiyah, then you are not a good successor to the Prophet Muhammad. Politicians are so afraid to talk because they do not want an Islamic APPEARS to.''
Wahid says a steady influx of money from the Middle East, mosques and schools fund has had years of impact.
The new generation of conservative priests not only cashed up, she says, they are passionate, loud, and activist.
When Yudhoyono speaks about the maintenance of harmony, talks about the ET sometimes have to appease militants, but as the defending diversity.
When asked about ideas of the American interviewer Charlie Rose, the Indonesian state was weak in the protection of religious minorities, Yudhoyono said:''Of course I have to maintain the climate of brotherhood here in Indonesia because the majority of the population is Muslim, so are I try to maintain their feelings.''
Wahid counters''That this policy of appeasement does not work.''In the''short-term, create a degree of stability requirements in May, which the government says,''they. Is there objective''[conservative] too much power. The Greater Good is sacrificed. We need to lead us through the Where in the future to make.''

Mutilated after emerging as the hub of the global jihadist movement in the South-East Asia in 2002, when double-nightclub bombings in Bali, killing hundreds, can rightly point to impressive achievements in Indonesia on terrorism.
Hundreds were arrested and dozens of plots have been foiled. The radical imam Abu Bakar Bashir was given a long sentence, was arrested while almost all other terrorist leaders were either killed or the note.
A tiny minority of Al Qaeda is a threat, and inspired, but sustained campaign against the ideology of the offensive jihad against the infidel West and its lackeys spread to the implementation of an Islamic caliphate was summarily rejected.
Islam''has contributed so much to the democratization of Indonesia. He stressed his need,''said Ulil, founder of the Liberal Islam Network and himself a target of terrorists in Indonesia.
''The majority of Muslims here understand that religion is a system of morality, an ethical system, and that the policy is not part of the essential teachings of the religion.
The popularity of''the proposed introduction of Sharia law in our country is dying, disappearing.''
Islamic parties in Indonesia have been pushed in the elections in 2009, and its most powerful Islamist political force, the Prosperous Justice Party, which recently officially adopted pluralism as a basic principle of its platform.
But while the Indonesian authorities to remain vigilant in prosecuting terrorists, they seem unable, or, worse still not ready, another response, though more perishable religious radicalism.
Instead of using explosives to attack with the masses of activists machetes, stones and petrol canister and destroy the perceived deviant worship.
The increase in violence, especially against members of the Ahmadiyya Islamic sect, whose followers believe that was the Indian religious figure, a Messiah, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, who followed the Prophet Muhammad pronounced.
In the western province of Banten in Java, a mob a house and killed three men Ahmadiyah frenzied attack in February. The 12 defendants, including a teenager on film bludgeoning to death a man caught with a rock, got prison sentences between 3-6 months.
The light sentences, some say, reflect local factors. The ruling was handed over by a judge in a district court in one of the classic Indonesian Islamic extremist strongholds. About 2,000 people have expressed their support for the accused and intimidated judges and prosecutors in the study expressed.
But the argument that the case was an anomaly is difficult to reconcile with the increase in violence between ethnic groups, attacks by Islamic fundamentalists always on Ahmadis and Christians.
Recent research by the Pew Research Center revealed, Indonesia was one of the two countries that recorded significant increases in both religious and social restrictions of the war events in the past five years.
Even more difficult, with the idea that Indonesia is tolerant reconcile abidingly the lukewarm response to the political elites in Indonesia after the rise of religious violence, especially attacks and court proceedings in Banten.
President Yudhoyono has failed to condemn the verdicts, citing the need to uphold the rule of law.
If the Islamists can not make political interventions and Indonesian Muslims are moderate majority, why politicians from Indonesia refuses to speak loudly and clearly for the country's secular constitution recognizes freedom of religion? Could it be that they made a political calculation that the attacks on minorities are popular?
''This is because the Conservatives are very intelligent in the formulation of the debate in terms of black and white, is''Yenny Wahid, the daughter of former President of Indonesia Abdurrahman Wahid and moderate Islamic religious, and a rare, uncompromising voice for said tolerance.
''For example, if you condemn the attacks on Ahmadis, then you are not a good student of the Prophet Muhammad. Politicians are afraid to talk because they do not want to seem anti-Islamic.''
Wahid said that a steady flow of money from the Middle East, mosques and schools fund had an influence.
The new generation of religious conservatives not only cashed up, she says, they are passionate, loud and combative.
When Yudhoyono speaks to the maintenance of harmony, he sometimes speaks of the need to appease the militants, rather than to defend diversity.
When asked about the perception of the American explorer Charlie Rose that the Indonesian government was weak in the protection of religious minorities, Yudhoyono said,''Of course I have to keep the atmosphere of brotherhood here in Indonesia because the majority of the population are Muslims , so I try to keep their feelings.''
Counter Wahid que''cette appeasement does not work.''''In the short term can make it some stability, the government must,''she said. But''there are [Conservatives] too much power. It is well sacrificed. We need to know where this lead us to look into the future.''

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Political Basis of Islam

1. Imaniat
Confident that Allah Ta'ala;
 ~ He who created (Khaleq) all things,
 ~ He is the Superintendent (Maleq) on the creation
 ~ He Providers (Razeq) to all.

2. Risaalat
Convinced the life of Muhammad s.a.w. and adhered to the whole way of his life.
3. Khilafat

Khilafah means representation. Man are as a representative of God. After Muhammad s.a.w. died,                  
followers are responsible for continuing the work to convey religious (missionary). All muslims                                                                                   should involve in the task!
It is easily understood that khalifah is not only a king or leader of a country, but each and 
every muslims are khalifah.

Politics is actually a very wide meaning, then there must be an understanding by the audience about the political meaning itself until society is not afraid of the word politics so that  community will have a better 'political sense'.

As an example of this is described as;
I want to buy a laptop. I have a sum of $1000.00 while the laptop is priced at $2500.00. So I'm thinking how do I get the sum of $2500.00. Then I borrowed from a friend of $250.00, ask from mother and sister and sell  unused goods from the store and work over time one hour a day at $4.00 per hour. At the end of the month total amount of $2500.00  was collected and the laptop is mine.

How the money was  engineered  is politics!

It was stated in the Holy Quran;
"When the population of a village would have  believe and fear Allah, will be opened for them the  blessings from the heavens and the earth."

So it is an easy conclusion; the key to obtaining universal peace and prosperity is the faith and piety!

Simple Calculation!

We take the example of an organization consisting of one manager and several employees. As a manager he would issue instructions and set certain laws for the benefit and progress of the organization.

We understand that any employee who is hardworking, productive, loyal, obedient and does not dispute the boss will be approved by the employer. He will have promotions and gain salaries, bonuses at the end of the year and the boss will be happy to provide him other allowances!

What about an employee who is lazy, did not comply with and against the boss? Sure he will be subject to disciplinary action, the increase in his salary would be arrested and his life is more difficult.

If Muslims follow commandments of their Lord and adopt the life of His Messenger, then
the world will be safe from any disaster and calamities. No war, protest or rebellion. The world will be filled with peace and affection.

In the Holly Al-Quran it is stated;
"Then I (Noah a.s.) said, 'Ask forgiveness from your Lord, for He is Oft-Forgiving. Undoubtedly he will rain from the sky with a vengeance. He will multiply to your property and children, gathered for you gardens and rivers "

Let us save the world in a way that is organized by the Creator through the word of Noah a.s. It is the only way!

Manage for Prosperity

The Prophet (peace be upon him) use the word siyasah in saying:
"The children of Israel were conducted (siyasah) by the prophets (tasusuhumul prophets). When the prophet died, another prophet came to change it. There is no prophet after me, but there will be a lot of caliphate. " (Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim).
Clearly, politics or siyasah  means taking good care of the community.
The Prophet (pbuh) said:
" Anyone who wake up in the morning and he only considers the worldly  business, then the person has nothing in the eye of Allah s.w.t., and whoever does not look at matters of Muslims, then he is not included among them (i.e Muslims). (Narrated by Thabrani)

It's clear that the aim or the result of politics in Islam is a society that is peaceful, prosperous, productive, no chaos but all the goodness desired by mankind.

How this could be achieved?

Islam is very rich in political thinking. Islamic political thought from the problem of political ethics, political philosophy, religion, law, to national procedures. But the diversity of the treasures of Islamic political thought can be said to begin in thinking about the relationship of religion and state.

We can say, thinking of Islamic thinkers who want the separation of political Islam and Islamic political thought and thought requires the consolidation of political Islam and political Islam as a thinking. This is because, since the French Revolution when religious Kristien has finished discussing the relative relationship of church and state that the church should be separate from the country. However, Islam still remains the question of the consolidation of political Islam since the time of the Prophet until the time is now. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Political Aspects of Islam

The political aspects of Islam from the Quran and the Sunnah (sayings and habits of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.) and the story of the Prophets' companions.

Traditional political concepts in Islam, including the leadership of the Prophet's successors, when the caliph, and the importance of following Islamic lawthe duty of government to criticize the consultation of their subjects and the importance of the Kings look familiar unfair, but not encouraging rebellion against them.  
                                                                                                                                                  The ocean changes in the Islamic world is the abolition of the Ottoman Empire in 1924, which some believe the end to establish an islamic state means 'symbolic and practices'. It was seen in 19th or 20th century; common themes against Western imperialism, particularly the British Empire, and sometimes racist policies that discriminate against some Muslims.

As a result of the political maturity of Islam is a peaceful, prosperous and respected by non-muslim's countries. During the time of Caliph Umar bin Abdul Aziz, none of the Muslims to take zakat (alms) because the prosperity that Allah bestowed upon them. Among non-muslims do they prefer to reside in a country ruled by Muslims.

Caliph practice equal life of the poor, by having a shirt and eating the bread of coarse grain. Welfare of the people comes first to the caliph himself cooking food for the children which are crying from hunger.